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Our values and the idea

"La Cova, a place where all social constraints come to a standstill and where love and respect always prevail."
 It pretty much hits the spot for us.

We would like to go into more detail about it for you.
We created la Cova as a kind of work of art and want to fill this special place with all its possibilities with a lot of life and love. This means we are always open to new ideas or projects. It is important to us that love and respect for one another are above all else. With us, every person is allowed to express themselves as they please without being restricted in their development by others. So of course everyone is equally and warmly welcome here.
But always take care of each other, we will do the same.

Dress code: We would say, come however you feel most comfortable, but we would like something kinky, 
naked, wild, extravagant, black clothing style.

!!!NO PHOTOS, No Videos!!! - Why?
We are generally not fans of social media and generally we want you to save the moment in your head or heart and not on any media. It's also extremely nice when the devices stay off and everyone can let go even more. Dropping it is also another point: 
Since you often visit us in special clothing and special activities take place, we want to offer everyone the necessary privacy and cameras and flashes don't fit in at all.

We hope that you respect this, for the sake of everyone.
to the steady Rhymer we stick your cameras on Entrance off.

A violation of any of our rules will result in immediate exclusion from the event. The next step will then be decided depending on the situation.
We look forward to all of you loving, crazy, creative and wild people.

Love your La Cova team 

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